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Welcome to the Good Life: The Blueprint

Life is good – and here are a few things to introduce into yours, if you don’t agree, or need a ‘boost’….

  1. Drink Coconut water everyday – stay hydrated
  2. Eat whole foods everyday – stay healthy – follow the Four Pillars of Healthy Eating’ 
  3. Do Hot Yoga – and become a teacher like my housemate @YogaShirley!!
  4. Travel – and share your experiences
  5. Banish negativity from your Facebook – and yes – un-friend/un-follow!
  6. Read – all the time!
  7. Love family, friends and strangers alike
  8. And a personal one for career progression, that’s worked for me and my friends – learn ‘salesforce.com‘ and learn about the ‘Internet of things’ (iot) – this ‘Salesforce for Dummies‘ book may help get you there
  9. Smile as often as you can!
  10. Finally, my favourite: Get yourself a Ganesh NOW – to remind you daily that YOU have the power to remove any obstacles in life

Welcome to the Good Life!

My story:

I was fortunate to experience a few milestones which helped me along the way, which may not be relevant to everyone, but got me to where I am today – a happy place…..

I studied Engineering and Software Development at the University of Central Lancashire, UK.

I then moved to London, ended up working for a UK Startup – ‘GlobalExpense’, where I was able to implement a CRM for all aspects of business management – from Customer Support, Account Management, Invoice/Billing Management and Automation, QA and beyond – a fantastic opportunity – Item 9 on my list. We were later acquired by Concur Technologies, who are an incredibly innovative company with immense talent and foresight into the world of Business Travel. Prior to that acquisition, I had only traveled abroad 4 times in my life, but in the last few years, I have had the opportunity to travel to some wonderful places and experience differences in culture which opened my eyes and made me appreciate the world we live in, and everything in it – item 4 on my list. (Side Note: The fact that the owner is Indian made my mother very happy, and settled her heart – I’m 35 and unmarried -well past my ‘sell-by date’ – rebellious in an Indian culture!!!)

During my time in London, I was lucky enough to live with a good good friend, who having been a Dance Teacher, had 2 hip operations, lost one career, and had to ‘transform/pivot’  – she discovered Hot Yoga, and recently became a qualified Yoga instructor with Fierce Grace, taught by the first lady of Hot Yoga in Europe – Michele Pernetta – this helped me with points 1,2 and 3 on the list above – probably the most influential and positive items.

‘I Have a Dream’

I’ll finish with this: Several years ago, I really did have a dream, which I will summarize as follows:

If only all the children in the world could grow up with the belief that they all possess the power and ability to remove any obstacles presented to them in life.

Being of Indian origin, I thought – ‘we have something for that’ – Ganesh. A few conversations with my brother resulted in the creation of a new type of  ‘teddy bear’ – one that EVERY child should have regardless of cast, creed or religion – but being a workaholic, I was immersed in the world of Business (and travel), so my brother followed through, created that very ‘teddy bear’ – and today, I am so proud at what we were able to achieve – http://www.plushindia.com. There’s still lots to do, and lots more teddies to come, but we need your help and support to get there: If you got this far, I thank you, but I urge you to please go one step further: get yours now, and help make this a reality – and free up some space in my loft!!…. Namaste!






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Force.com Approval Process Reporting

GRRRRRR!!!! Which Approval Process was it?

GRRRRRR!!!! Which Approval Process was it?

Which Approval Process was it?

In a Global SFDC org with over 3000+ users, sometimes you just can’t avoid having many active approval processes on the same object,  no matter how clever you are with entry criteria. Using front-end tools, it’s always difficult to identify just which approval process was used, and when you have lots, it can become a nightmare from a support perspective. Checking the entry criteria for each process isn’t always an appealing proposition.

Recently, I’ve been discussing this with a colleague, and investigating ways to troubleshoot approval process related issues, and have come up with a solution that will satisfy our needs, until we overhaul our whole approval process approach, for this specific object.

Warning: This is not really a scale-able option, as it uses ‘hard-coded’ ‘text’ values within a field update, within each approval process, and therefore a nightmare to update, although not too complex.

Step 1: Add a new field to the required Object, call it ‘Approval Process Name’ or something similar.

Step 2: In the ‘initial submission step’ of each approval process, create a field update to this new field. Update this field using a formula, which should simply be the name of the approval process, in quotes, e.g. “EMEA Finance”. (You’ll need to copy and paste the approval process name into each field update, as you can’t obtain is using the point-and-click options as far as i’m aware).

That’s it. Using this approach ends up creating lots of ‘Field Updates’, so not very good if you don’t like long lists, but it should definitely help identify which approval processes are being used, or more importantly not being used, simply by running object reports. In my world, I’m hoping it will allow our 1st line support the ability to quickly identify issues, before escalating to 2nd line support.

Let me know what you think, or if you have something a little more easier to implement and keep updated, would love to hear from you. Thanks!

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