2. Fierce Grace Hot Yoga Teacher Training Orientation

Originally posted on Shirley Williams Yoga:

So 1.45pm today I was meeting with the rest of the Fierce Grace family and discussing our course, the coming week and getting all necessary paperwork and literature! I was nervous as I pictured a sea of yoga teachers all chewing their toes and breathing like Trojans :) Instead I met love.

The teachers are lovely and excited :) they gave good advice and explained all well. I am very lucky to be taught by Emma Croft, Karen Bellfield and Michele Pernetta – some of the UK’s finest, most knowledgable yoga instructors.

I met a lovely mixture of folk and a lot of real nervous energy was wafting about so yeah #mysteve was right: he called it earlier today when he reassured me that most of the trainees will have a level or degree of anxiety of their own. And as a teacher of dance I know that if you…

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How To Pass Salesforce Certification Maintenance Exams, Every Time.

Originally posted on jasongabler:

The following is a set of steps I use to study for Salesforce certification maintenance exams, or in my case more specifically the developers’ maintenance exams.  When following this prescription, I’ve never failed.  I originally posted this information to the LinkedIn Salesforce.com Certification Group.  I highly recommend joining it.

The certification folks at SFDC should be including, within the certification maintenance notification emails, links to the release notes and educational videos. If you get a notice without these links contact the certification team. In my experience, they’re a very helpful bunch of people.

Also within the notification email you’ll get very specific pointers on what and how to study. I’ve never gotten a notice that didn’t somehow tell me explicitly which topics would be directly tested. I find that 90% of a maintenance exam is an exercise in following those directions. Here’s what I do:

1. Do a quick overview…

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MIT’s self-assembling robots bring us one step closer to real-world Transformers

Originally posted on VentureBeat:

The future of robots is modular, self-assembling, and kind of scary.

Researchers at MIT are working on M-Blocks, tiny, cube-shaped robots that seem only steps away from recreating scenes from Terminator 2 or Transformers. 

The robots, which have no external moving parts, can propel themselves in any direction and can form themselves into stacks to create structures.

The tech beyond the movements is simple, but smart: In every M-Block is a tiny, super-fast flywheel that, when braked, creates angular momentum to move the device in any direction. The robot is then able to cling to others nearby via the series of magnets embedded on each of its sides.

While the M-Block is already pretty impressive, the researchers are already thinking up ways to significantly miniaturize the technology, which should unlock the robot’s real potential.  Armies of autonomous M-Blocks could repair bridges, build scaffolding during construction, or even create on-demand hospital beds for hospitals in…

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Force.com Approval Process Reporting

GRRRRRR!!!! Which Approval Process was it?

GRRRRRR!!!! Which Approval Process was it?

Which Approval Process was it?

In a Global SFDC org with over 3000+ users, sometimes you just can’t avoid having many active approval processes on the same object,  no matter how clever you are with entry criteria. Using front-end tools, it’s always difficult to identify just which approval process was used, and when you have lots, it can become a nightmare from a support perspective. Checking the entry criteria for each process isn’t always an appealing proposition.

Recently, I’ve been discussing this with a colleague, and investigating ways to troubleshoot approval process related issues, and have come up with a solution that will satisfy our needs, until we overhaul our whole approval process approach, for this specific object.

Warning: This is not really a scale-able option, as it uses ‘hard-coded’ ‘text’ values within a field update, within each approval process, and therefore a nightmare to update, although not too complex.

Step 1: Add a new field to the required Object, call it ‘Approval Process Name’ or something similar.

Step 2: In the ‘initial submission step’ of each approval process, create a field update to this new field. Update this field using a formula, which should simply be the name of the approval process, in quotes, e.g. “EMEA Finance”. (You’ll need to copy and paste the approval process name into each field update, as you can’t obtain is using the point-and-click options as far as i’m aware).

That’s it. Using this approach ends up creating lots of ‘Field Updates’, so not very good if you don’t like long lists, but it should definitely help identify which approval processes are being used, or more importantly not being used, simply by running object reports. In my world, I’m hoping it will allow our 1st line support the ability to quickly identify issues, before escalating to 2nd line support.

Let me know what you think, or if you have something a little more easier to implement and keep updated, would love to hear from you. Thanks!

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Making my MaKeyMakey Beat Maker

When I first heard about the ‘MaKeyMaKey‘, I knew I’d have to get one, so when it finally arrived in January 2013, I was elated!! I went through several bananas, tested most things in the house for conductivity (including cats and dogs), and then thought about making a cheap ‘beat pad’. Here’s a short explanation of how I did that.

First, it’s probably worth visiting the MaKeyMaKey.com site for a quick rundown on how it works, but I’ll attempt cover it in one sentence here: it’s a device that replicates ‘key-presses’ on a keyboard, but you can connect each ‘key’ to a ‘thing’. So you could type an ‘A’ onto the screen by e.g. touching a banana. Pretty cool. Check out the official site here:


To make this work for a ‘beat pad’, I had to find software that allows a sound to be played, when I press a particular key on the keyboard. Although there are many music/studio applications that would allow you to do this, I wanted something really lightweight, simple to use, and cheap/free. I found that Soundplant was simple enough to cope with the task at hand.

I searched the web for free drum sounds and samples, and found a range of sites offering free sample packs. I download a few, and started to assign these samples to the keys I needed to trigger sounds.

Now I needed to gather all the parts to make the actual beat pad.. The list:

A MaKeyMakey
A laptop
Aluminium Foil
Sellotape/Insulator Tape
A Shoebox
Some wire
Software used: Soundplant

I started by cutting strips of foil, then folding them into squares, leaving a little bit sticking out, so I could attach a wire clip to it. I attached these foil squares to the lid of an old shoebox, and gave the device a quick test. Here’s a little video of the device, going through its first proof of concept test:

I completed the top of the box with 12 pads, and connected each of these to an output on the MaKeyMaKey, using the crocodile clips provided. I used a lot of insulator tape to make sure that everything stayed in place, and also to make the device look a little neater! I had finished creating my MaKeyMaKey beat pad, and was ready to plug the MaKeyMaKey into my laptop via USB.

The next job was to prepare the samples I wanted to use, so I used the Soundplant app to do this. Once I had found all the samples, I saved the configuration file, and began to plan a demonstration video. Here’s the first take of playing a beat using my new MaKeyMaKey Beatpad:

And here’s a video of me playing a beat to some spoken word, a reading by Seth Godin, of his book ‘The Icarus Deception’, which is also a great book – a recommended read.

Big thanks goes out to @ericrosenbizzle and @wakeupsilver for inventing the #MaKeyMaKey and @ThisIsSethsBlog for the #Kickstarter Project that allowed me to get ‘The Icarus Deception’ on vinyl (I’m old skool!). Also gotta say thanks to @YogaShirley for putting up with the annoying samples playing over and over again while I created my masterpiece!

I hope you enjoy these videos as much as I do! Play, Share, and let me know what you think!


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Removing your Obstacles in 2013

New Year’s Resolutions.

Most will want to give up something, others will want to try something new, overcome fears, get a promotion at work…… however, very few of us will really track our resolutions throughout the year, unless we have constant reminders of what we had set out to achieve…..

You need something that you can look at everyday, to….

  • give you the strength to remove the obstacles that are preventing you from succeeding,
  • inspire you to put that ‘extra bit of effort’ in,
  • give you the strength to push aside the barriers to fulfilling your objectives and resolutions,
  • give you the perseverance to keep going, no matter what comes in your way,
  • give you the courage to start-up that business you’ve always dreamed of,
  • help you find the money for that life-changing training course you’ve always wanted to do,
  • give you the drive to write/publish that book/film…

You need Ganesh – The Remover of Obstacles.

How I do it:

I know Ganesh to be the ‘Remover of Obstacles’ in Hindu Folklore – I remember this fact every time I see Ganesh. All I need is a ‘trigger’ to look at Ganesh everyday. Let’s choose ‘waking up’ to be that trigger – after all – I do that every day!!

So – every morning when I wake up, one of the first things I see is Ganesh. I make a point of looking at Ganesh over on my chest of drawers, as I sit up in my bed, shortly after turning off my alarm. That’s it. There is nothing more to it. Really. And it changed my life. How? Here comes the ‘science’ bit…….

Seeing Ganesh triggers a wave of thoughts about my life, dreams, aspirations, targets, goals, and what I think are ‘obstacles’ to success for these many thoughts and ideas I have. This brings ‘self awareness’ of one’s weaknesses and obstacles <;<;<;<; THIS IS THE GOLD DUST. All I have to do now is write down these obstacles, and start crossing them off the list as I overcome each one. Once I get to the bottom of the list (if I don't keep adding to it!), I will inadvertently have overcome the obstacles that were preventing success for my own personal goals/dreams/aspirations!!! Achieving them simply becomes a 'choice', unrestricted by 'obstacles'.

It's kind of like having goals, but not going after the goals – go after the obstacles, and the goals will eventually rack-up!

Apart from the fact that there's a great opportunity for someone to create an 'app' to deliver the above 'life goal tracker', I hope you're able to find inspiration in the above – and if you think Ganesh will help you achieve your dreams, head on over to www.plushindia.com


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Mobile Raspberry Pi Computer: Build your own portable Pi-to-Go

How cool is this!!!

Mobile Raspberry Pi Computer: Build your own portable Pi-to-Go.

by Nathan Morgan: http://blog.parts-people.com/author-nathan-morgan/

mini pi pc

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PlushIndia: ‘Jai-ho, Jai-ho, it’s off to work we go….’ :)

PlushIndia.comChristmas is magical. It brings happiness and joy to the hearts and minds of many millions of people all over the world. This year at PlushIndia.com, we’ve had so much fun preparing Christmas orders, we thought we’d share the magical journey with you. Click the image below to see some lovely pictures of a special order being prepared…..

Here’s to a great 2013!

Ready to remove obstacles all over the world!

Ready to remove obstacles all over the world!

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Managing Multiple Salesforce Org Logins

……….courtesy of Mehmet Ergun


A good way to manage all your Salesforce.com login names and passwords  in a custom object  (secure if you only give yourself access to the custom object!)





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